New feature: IMO

IMO aka. In my Opinion

We’ll be picking, for example the 10 Best PsyTrance Nu-jazz Mash Ups from 1921. Or the 20 Worst Haircuts In Gabba.

Kind of like round ups of the however many best/worst somthing from some time.

It’s hard to explain… but we’ll post the first IMO some time this week, and then make it regular thing, once a week.

They’ll just be our opinions. 

REVIEW: Two And Two Make Five - Happa


When I was younger I used to watch strobe light videos on youtube to induce migraines – that was just my thing. And that’s the only metaphor I can use to describe the new Happa EP. I tried to think up some witty Aladdin pun or witticism for the halfblood Persian prince, but alas, my mind was reverted directly to the times I’d be alone in my room on the verge of an epileptic seizure. 
Here’s the basic walkthrough all the way from 13.05.13 to Put Your Suitcase Down. All five tracks on the prodigal producer’s most recent release, the Two And Two Make Five EP. (Written for those of you who like me don’t know your quantisation from your auto tune).


This track brings you straight to where young Samir Alikhanizadeh is as an artist right now – a clear progression from his older work into this new material. Introducing you to a snake charm of rhythmic and shrill industrial sounds, trance enveloping powers, and droning downcast beats; an exciting take on the somewhat mind numbing work of noise and drone ambient producers.

Stirring is so harrowing, very reminiscent of when I used to read CreepyPasta stories at night (again, alone in my bedroom). Incredible build-up of almost theatrical proportions throughout; which would indefinitely win a Cannes award for best soundtrack, when teamed with a German horror about two teenage girls going missing in a forest.



Shortest offering on the EP, but that doesn’t mean there’s any atmosphere or love lost. Heavy and dull vibrations which intertwine with one another, accompanying piercing and less than intrinsic drops laid throughout.

Walice Berl
MORE drilling and unstable, disturbing and harking noises which remind me of the Saw films. Specifically like a montage of violent and unsettling images which get more and more disconcerting and painful to watch as it goes on. I still like it tho.

Put Your Suitcase Down
A calming and ambient track – as though someone’s taken Camels by Vondelpark and distorted it tenfold. An obvious closer for the EP as it brings harmony (in a Korine sense) to the listener in comparison to what the rest of the tracks offered up, a detox so to speak. Like spending a summer at Auschwitz followed by a weekend break to the Lake District.


I love it. And I love Happa. This EP summarises what every critic has ever said about him and his work, the future of UK electronic music comes in the form of this sixteen year old boy from Leeds – and isn’t that brilliant? 

Of course you won’t get the feel for it from this review, I’ve treated it all as though the tracks are separate entities when they’re not and they shouldn’t be when you listen to it for the first time. You must soak it in all together and let it play without breaks and feel the ups and downs of the EP and let it clear your brain and fill it with all these interesting and bizarre sounds. 

The Persian prince soon to become the king of the underground. It’s insurmountable.

Music: Erl Gerll - I Can’t Ask Eaten Corpses Questions

This dreamy, reverb soaked mess comes from co-creator Erl Gerll and really is a slur of beauty. The delicate, delayed vocals sprinkle wonderfully over the luscious guitar to create a really soothing soundscape. 

Limited free download.


You know, I think in some respects I can relate to all those child stars who have become so prevalent in recent media for their hedonistic lifestyles and tabloid-diagnosed borderline schizophrenia.
Not because I’m hounded by press every day, thus turning me to heroin binges for sweet relief; or because I was a prodigal child star who’s now throwing bongs out of windows and claiming rape on her arresting officers, even though there were witnesses at the scene who deny it all (no h8 Amanda Bynes – sexual assault is a serious thing and if everything you’re saying is fact then I feel for you babes).

You have to look past all this to understand what I’m saying here, for what I can relate to is their obvious and outright displays of socially triggered anxiety.
There is a quote from Simon Amstell from one of his recent tours and it goes along the lines of, “even though me and a guy could be naked in my room with my dick in his mouth I’m still thinking to myself – ‘but does he REALLY like me???’” – this quote is basically the foundations of my own anxiety; but it manifests itself in ways beyond just whether my social peers are actually interested in what I have to say. Anxiety makes you change as a person in so many ways, all of which for the worst. You can become cruel and tactless, purely out to upset someone for your own personal benefit; you suddenly find yourself kicking and screaming with real vigour about leaving the house because your nose is too big or you’re just simply looking too fat. And one of the worst pointers? Doing things which are stupid and rebellious, a meaningless try for fun in your life which aren’t just affecting and damaging you mentally, but also those around you (Macauley Culkin babes we’re all looking at you right now stick the crack).
When you’re suffering with anxiety like this, it’s easy to do things which to others seem so degrading, because you’re just too self-obsessed to care. You’re doing things which you think make you feel better and fortified as a person (either because it makes you feel good generally, or because it gains the approval of people you consider to-be peers).
It doesn’t surprise me that celebrities who have grown up in the spotlight have turned to drugs and alcoholism; their every move is being scrutinised and they need a release, one which rids you not only of your ailments but also of any common regard for what those around you think of you. And because of this new lack of regard, you take a keen bitterness to those who try to stop you – hell, I still have embarrassing notes and diary pages from when I thought I hated my family for stopping me having “fun”, and one day Bynesey will look back on this event in her life and consider it an embarrassment too.
And it sounds so stupid, but sometimes you just do things for the attention. Look at Lindsey Lohan and when she went through her shoplifting phase, and now look me in the eye and tell me she did it because she’s skint and considering claiming housing benefits. The attention however, is all the wrong attention, and I believe that we shouldn’t be idolising these people when they do something dumb and ridiculous just because “it’s quite funny” or it makes them seem like the next rock n roll debauche star.
When the Amanda Bynes scandal appeared, I’ll admit, I found it as funny as the rest of us that this child star we’d all grown to love has suddenly pierced her cheeks and shaved her head, forcing her to wear ill-fitted wigs. But now it’s just becoming sad, and the media are making things worse for her by taking hundreds of photos which she finds “unflattering” thus taking to Twitter to have a rant about how she only wants her own selfies published/anything that makes her look thin – well done, you are actually inspiring and encouraging an eating disorder right there.
So to paraphrase; “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE”

Happa's Boomkat Editions Release Party

HAPPA - Live

SEAN CANTY (Demdike Stare) DJ


We’re having a wee party to celebrate the release of Happa’s new EP for Boomkat Editions. 

There’ll be a bar, class soundsystem, an amazing view, and ace music.

Limited space available. £3 o.t.d.